Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lukewarm Celeb Wedding Trends

OK, I'll admit, I want to completely recreate the herb garden display as my kitchen table centerpiece. And I did swoon over the candlesticks.

But grooms cakes as a "big hot celebrity trend"? Um, welcome to five years ago. (They were pretty cool cakes though, I'll give them that.)
And while I agree with what she's saying about favors (if you can't come up with something clever, JUST DON'T DO THEM) if I see another French Macaroon, I might keel over. (Who is in charge of marketing at the French Macaroon company? Will you be my summer intern? I want to appear in every magazine, blog, morning news show segment about entertaining/weddings/etc. too.)
And that's just about enough sarcasm (and parentheses) for me.

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Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

so true and while I also love the look of the herbs, they're also about 5 years ago when they were huge alongside wheat grass. loved your intern comment. :)