Friday, February 27, 2009

Reminder to Vote!

Just a quick reminder to vote for your favorite vendors in the Arizona Bride Best of 2009! Voting closes March 1 and you can cast your vote right here. A vote for yours truly would be much appreciated. Good luck to everyone!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sacred Moment Weddings

Wendy Robinson, planner extraordinaire and owner of Sacred Moment Weddings, contacted me to freshen up her existing logo. Mainly small, cosmetic issues that she wanted addressed. So once we had that squared away, I designed some snazzy new business cards for her (all part of my February Promotion). 
Just a reminder, the February Special ends Saturday! Book now and receive 1,000 free business cards. (Get all the info here.) Special thanks to Liene at The Smart Planner for giving me a shout! Now take a look at Wendy's new biz cards - classy, sophisticated and feminine. Just like Wendy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Protect Your Lunch

This week's "jealous I didn't think of this first" idea comes from (First spied at Daily Candy.) If you live in cubicle land, chances are you've dealt with your fair share of lunch theft. But with these ingenious Anti-Theft Lunch Bags, you can easily keep the thieves at bay. The bags have ugly green splotches printed on both sides, giving the appearance that your food is disgusting and moldy. $10 for 25 bags. And the best part? 5% of your purchase will be donated to Freedom from Hunger. Sweet deal, if you ask me. And your bologna sandwich will thank you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meal Choice for Weddings

This "be nice" post is for once not about brides behaving badly. It's more about giving yourself a break and maintaining your sanity. Specifically when it comes to feeding your wedding guests.

Whenever I meet with a new client, I always make sure to ask if they will be offering guests a choice of entrée on their response cards. And if they say yes, I go into a rage and berate them mercilessly. Just kidding. But I will take the time to explain why I think this isn't the best idea.
Literally all of the wedding planners I have worked with cringe at the mere mention of meal choice for weddings. And here's why:
• By making guests choose their dinner a month out, they will undoubtedly change their preference the day of the event. "I recently became vegetarian and can't eat the steak" or "I picked chicken, but that pasta looks really good" are very common.
• By offering a variety of dishes, you now become responsible for keeping track of who gets what. So in addition to obsessing over seat assignments, you now need to make sure that the wait staff gets wind of who wants what. It's about as fun as it sounds.
• Many venues and caterers offer options for "dual entrées" so if your Aunt won't eat anything that had parents, chances are she'll eat the vegetarian pasta conveniently located on the same plate. My husband and I chose a chicken and shrimp dual entrée for our wedding, and it worked out great. You'll never please 100% of your guests. But with the dual entrée, you'll come close.
• It's just one meal. Guests will forgive you if their favorite dish isn't on the menu. It's not a restaurant, after all. I don't expect to place special orders when I attend a wedding, and your guests will be no different. (And if you do anticipate your guests will be placing special orders, consider inviting different guests.)
You'll need to make around 3,946 decisions when planning your big day. Meal choice doesn't need to be one of them. Honest.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I saw this image on Oh Joy! (image from Harpy) a few months back and am now convinced that balloons are the next BIG thing. I'm seeing them everywhere - from stylist props to print ads I'm seeing balloons in a whole new light. Wouldn't your wedding be more fun with balloons? I see them as the ultimate prop for an outdoor event. Or why not have a balloon release at the end of your ceremony? Love it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Continuing Adventures of Water Girl

One of my friends from college confided that before she knew my name, she referred to me as "Water Girl". This proved to be endlessly amusing because it hadn't occurred to me that I literally toted my trusty Moosejaw water bottle around like a security blanket. It came with me to class, to work and sat by my bed at night in the event I ran into a thirst situation in the wee small hours.
It followed me to my summer job, my senior year internship and to my first real job out of college. It even came with me when I moved to Arizona.
Shortly after that, my boyfriend (now husband) declared that my water bottle was ridiculous (it had it's share of wear and tear, after all.) So, bless his heart, he bought me a brand new, shiny water bottle. But it was never the same and it didn't take long before I had kicked the water bottle habit altogether. 
Incidentally, if there is ever a habit you don't want to kick, it's consuming water. Now I know whenever I have a headache or I'm just feeling a bit off, it's because I'm not drinking enough water. It's especially important here in the desert where humidity sometimes feels like -23%.
So I'm trying to resurrect Water Girl, and have found several options for chic water containment. Take a look:
From Left: Sigg 1 Liter Frames Lime $23 right here, 'I Will Never Take This Camping' $13.99 right here, Sigg .6 Liter Hello Kitty Red $22 right here, Moosejaw Nalgene Tritan Water Bottle $12 right here, Gaiam Green Tree of Life $12.99 right here.
Now I truly have no excuse to not drink water. If only I could find a cape...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Graphic Design Promotion Reminder

Time is running out for my February Promotion! Book any design service and you will receive 1,000 shiny snazzy business cards. Click here for all the info, and if you have questions just shoot me an email:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Including Hotel Information for Your Guests

As a courtesy to guests, many brides will include hotel information with their wedding invites. If you're having a destination wedding or you have guests who will be flying or driving long distances, this information can be critical.
While it may seem like common sense, I always stress to my clients that they review their proofs very carefully to ensure all information is accurate. Obviously you'll want to double check that names and locations are correct, but it's also crucial to double check (and sometimes triple check) that street addresses and phone numbers match up.
I'm sure you're thinking, "no duh, Kelly. Of course I'll check my proofs."
But time and time again, I run into clients who are so excited to get everything off to the printer that they will overlook key details. Allow me to share the following horror story:
A few years back, a bride came to me after utilizing the services of another vendor for Save the Date cards. She had included travel information for guests who wanted to book hotels and transportation ahead of time. (Smart). However, one of the hotel phone numbers was one number off and she had missed it in the proofing process. So when Grandma called to book a room for her beloved granddaughter's wedding, she was obviously expecting to connect with the front desk at XYZ hotel. Instead, she had called a service that I can only describe as "adult" in nature. (This is a family blog, folks.)
I understand that in politics it is generally frowned upon to promote change by instilling fear in the general public. I, however, have no problem using this tactic if it means saving Grandma from the trauma described above. In short -- REVIEW YOUR PROOFS CAREFULLY!
{Save the Date card from Kelly Ashworth Design. No grandmothers were harmed by this hotel information.}

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hot Heels

Yet another invention that would have been REALLY nice for my own wedding day. Whatever, just more reason to renew our vows. 
Cole Haan (maker of oh-so coveted handbags and shoes) recently introduced a new bridal shoe line that incorporates Nike Air technology for maximum comfort. Hello!
At top: Ceci Air Rose Sling, $428.00.
At bottom: Ceci Air Mid Sandal, $298.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Chic Storage

I'm not even really in the market for laptop storage, and here I go again, posting another jazzy laptop case. I wonder if I could convince my accountant that multiple laptop accessories are totally necessary and all of them fall under the umbrella of "business expenses". While I'm working on that, check this out:
{Medium Laptop Case (fits a 15"), $110.00 right here.}
Oh, and while you're there, don't miss their nifty diaper bags and other fun storage pieces for the kiddos. This may very well be the perfect baby shower gift and will surely solidify my title of "World's Best Aunt".
{ Diaper Bag, $70 right here. }

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

V-Day Deals from The Flower Studio

Attention Phoenix! Christine Siegel, floral goddess from The Flower Studio is offering some sweet deals for Valentine's Day. If you're looking for the perfect gift to bestow upon your sweetie, look no further! 

Love these gorgeous roses in the sweet damask print hat box. Includes a wish necklace from Dogeared Jewels & Gifts.
How cute is this?? The Lil' Zip Bag of Love is designed with pink and orange gerbera daisies and accented with wax flower and foliage.
The winged heart Lil' Zip Bag is designed with red tulips, filler and foliage. This would make me VERY happy.
Prices range from $55 -$85 plus delivery. Deadline for Valentine's orders is February 13. Substitution of flowers may apply based on availability.
You can get in touch with Christine or one of the many talented floral geniuses at The Flower Studio by calling 602.279.3404. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can my Mom throw me a shower?

If you are a Bride or a Mom-to-be, chances are you'll have at least one shower thrown for you. And just like any other event, there are etiquette guidelines that must be adhered to. The most commonly asked question I receive is, "is it OK for my Mom to host my bridal/baby shower?" The simple answer is no. 
Generally it's considered in poor taste for a mother to host her own daughter's shower. It can make mom appear to be soliciting gifts on your behalf. Tacky!
There are loopholes, of course. Many moms want to help the bridesmaids or friends in any way she can, so she may offer up her home for the shower itself. As long as your friends or bridesmaids are listed as the official hostesses on the invitations, you're good to go.
{pictured above: bridal shower invitation for yours truly. And no, my mom didn't host!}

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bridesmaid Chic

I have never wanted to be a bridesmaid more than I do right now. So many amazing dresses available that would easily translate into a chic cocktail dress for other fancy events. 
Exhibit A: Crinkle Chiffon full-length blouson dress with dropped waist and fitted skirt. Details right here. (Phoenix gals: Twirl Boutique carries this line. And they totally rock and have the cutest shop I've ever seen. Oh, and they have an awesome blog, check it out!)
J Crew has apparently realized that not all bridesmaids are A Cup models. Whew! Above, a few of my favorite dresses from their Weddings & Parties collection that do not put the ladies out front and center.
At left: Silk Taffeta Ruffle Wrap Dress: $198 right here.
At right: Slub Silk Penelope Dress: $285 right here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Arizona Bride Best of 2009

I can't do anything about the Middle East or the economic crisis (other than continuing my weekly voyage to Tar-jay), but I do make a darn good invitation. And I hope that you'll vote for me in the Arizona Bride Best of 2009. Click right here to cast your vote by March 1, 2009. And thank you for your support!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby Finley

My friend Amy had baby number three recently and wanted to combine a New Year's greeting with a birth announcement. I suggested incorporating some patten that would be printed right on the card with the photo and was psyched when she agreed. 
I have a big folder filled with tear sheets of cool patterns I want to try out in design projects, so after a few tries, here is the finished product:  
Love this photo so much! Baby Finley looks so content. I'm actually working on a baby line and I think I'm going to include the "Finley" in my collection. More on that later!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Teresa + Mike, Pt.2

As promised, some amazing Hollye shots from Teresa and Mike's wedding that I mentioned right here. Love this couple. Love this wedding. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

What's your sign?

I never put much stock in the zodiac or horoscopes. But one summer a friend and I were in a small gift shop in an artsy town on Lake Michigan and I found a book that was supposed to know all about you based on your exact birth date. When I found my date, I was stunned. It really did seem to know EVERYTHING. I look back and wish I had purchased it right then and there, but alas I walked out the door and probably spent my money on something stupid like a hemp necklace or beer.
I REALLY wish I had bought the book when I was carded at Trader Joe's a few months back and the girl said, "Oh, you're a Virgo. So are you like really anal?" Because then I could have flipped to my exact page to let her know that although most Virgo's possess that wicked label, I'm not as bad. But I suppose whipping out a giant zodiac book to prove my point would have been a little anal. So maybe she's right, but it didn't make me want to yank that hoop out of her nose any less.
Although I can't find the book, I have noticed a lot of fun zodiac-inspired gift-y items as of late. Observe:
{ Horoscope Tiles: Sweet or Sassy, $35 each right here. }
{ Zodiac Heirloom Pockets by artist Kata Golda, $28 right here. }
{ Organic Zodiac Short-Sleeved Bodysuit, $12.5o right here. }
{ Sterling Silver Zodiac necklace from marmar's Etsy shop. $32 right here. }