Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can my Mom throw me a shower?

If you are a Bride or a Mom-to-be, chances are you'll have at least one shower thrown for you. And just like any other event, there are etiquette guidelines that must be adhered to. The most commonly asked question I receive is, "is it OK for my Mom to host my bridal/baby shower?" The simple answer is no. 
Generally it's considered in poor taste for a mother to host her own daughter's shower. It can make mom appear to be soliciting gifts on your behalf. Tacky!
There are loopholes, of course. Many moms want to help the bridesmaids or friends in any way she can, so she may offer up her home for the shower itself. As long as your friends or bridesmaids are listed as the official hostesses on the invitations, you're good to go.
{pictured above: bridal shower invitation for yours truly. And no, my mom didn't host!}

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