Monday, February 9, 2009

Bridesmaid Chic

I have never wanted to be a bridesmaid more than I do right now. So many amazing dresses available that would easily translate into a chic cocktail dress for other fancy events. 
Exhibit A: Crinkle Chiffon full-length blouson dress with dropped waist and fitted skirt. Details right here. (Phoenix gals: Twirl Boutique carries this line. And they totally rock and have the cutest shop I've ever seen. Oh, and they have an awesome blog, check it out!)
J Crew has apparently realized that not all bridesmaids are A Cup models. Whew! Above, a few of my favorite dresses from their Weddings & Parties collection that do not put the ladies out front and center.
At left: Silk Taffeta Ruffle Wrap Dress: $198 right here.
At right: Slub Silk Penelope Dress: $285 right here.

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