Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Including Hotel Information for Your Guests

As a courtesy to guests, many brides will include hotel information with their wedding invites. If you're having a destination wedding or you have guests who will be flying or driving long distances, this information can be critical.
While it may seem like common sense, I always stress to my clients that they review their proofs very carefully to ensure all information is accurate. Obviously you'll want to double check that names and locations are correct, but it's also crucial to double check (and sometimes triple check) that street addresses and phone numbers match up.
I'm sure you're thinking, "no duh, Kelly. Of course I'll check my proofs."
But time and time again, I run into clients who are so excited to get everything off to the printer that they will overlook key details. Allow me to share the following horror story:
A few years back, a bride came to me after utilizing the services of another vendor for Save the Date cards. She had included travel information for guests who wanted to book hotels and transportation ahead of time. (Smart). However, one of the hotel phone numbers was one number off and she had missed it in the proofing process. So when Grandma called to book a room for her beloved granddaughter's wedding, she was obviously expecting to connect with the front desk at XYZ hotel. Instead, she had called a service that I can only describe as "adult" in nature. (This is a family blog, folks.)
I understand that in politics it is generally frowned upon to promote change by instilling fear in the general public. I, however, have no problem using this tactic if it means saving Grandma from the trauma described above. In short -- REVIEW YOUR PROOFS CAREFULLY!
{Save the Date card from Kelly Ashworth Design. No grandmothers were harmed by this hotel information.}


Emily Edwards - Your Heart's Desire said...

I really enjoy your blog Kelly.. You crack me up!

a Dish of Fun with a Side of Sass said...

It was probably one of my clients. LOLOL. Both parts are great advice. It is critical to include accommodation info, etc. especially if it is destination; simply put-it's polite. Also it is CRITICAL that people proof read their proofs over and over...and over.