Monday, July 14, 2008

Martha's Set List

When Blueprint Magazine shut its doors (boo), it was announced that some of its content would be transferred over to Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. I can only imagine that the "Songs You Won't Hear at Every Other Wedding" feature in the Summer '08 Weddings issue was a Blueprint-inspired piece. 

I wasn't able to find the list on the website, so I have their song recommendations listed here by category. I also went to iTunes to check out the tracks I wasn't familiar with, and I think the only song I couldn't find was Nikka Costa's cover of "I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl". 
For the most part, I thought their selections were pretty good. But I'll admit, there were a few moments where I said,"really?" Here are their selections. My smart aleck commentary can be found below the lists. Enjoy!
{ I'm beginning to feel a bit like my dad when I say, covers are great, but most often the original is best. Such is the case with Tupelo Honey But Shelby Lynne's cover of You Don't Have to Say You Love Me is divine. }
{ I might have put Coltrane in this category instead. And I kind of think Beatles covers are pointless. Sorry, Rufus. }
{ Ella Fitzgerald is the only person who should ever sing Isn't it Romantic? Period. }
{ I love The Wind, but at 1:42, it's kind of short. }
{ I felt puzzled by a good portion of this list. Ring of Fire is great, but I'm not going to break out the running man or anything. Or maybe that's the point. I do love The Flamingos for a slow song, though. }
{ It's probably unfair for me to comment on after-party songs since I'm usually the first to fall asleep. But I thought it was really funny that a band called "Chungking" made it into Martha Stewart. }

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