Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The dreaded registry card

Wedding season is about to kick into high gear here in the Valley of the Sun. Each year I get a handful of brides who ask me one question that never fails to make me shudder. It goes something like this:

"I need to order invitations, reply cards, reception cards, envelopes and registry cards." 
Yes, registry cards. 
To which I reply, "I can save you some money up front by eliminating those registry cards because they are totally tacksville." Just kidding. I don't really say that. But that's what I'm thinking. 
My favorite was a bride who wanted the following printed ON HER INVITATION:
"In lieu of gifts, the bride and groom request that you send cash or the equivalent."
(What, no line for the guest to provide a credit card number?) She felt this was entirely appropriate as she had seen some of her girlfriends do the same thing on their invitations. I explained to her that this defied all laws of etiquette. She was unmoved. I told her I'd rather lose her business than comply with this request. Needless to say, I did not design her wedding stationery.
It saddens me sometimes to think that weddings nowadays are sometimes equated with a big cash payout or loads of dazzling gifts. Sure, I love getting cash and presents as much as the next gal. But if you took away everything I got from my own wedding, I wouldn't care one bit because I'd still be married to the man of my dreams. 
So if you are a bride and are concerned that no one will know where you're registered, rest easy and leave it to your bridesmaids or your parents to spread the word. And if you are a potential wedding guest and you receive one of these in the mail:
My advice would be to run. Fast.


Lemiga Events said...

Thank you for this post - I couldn't agree more!

erin said...

I love it!! This is so true! I, too, shudder at the mention of a registry card...actually received one for a recent wedding explaining they would rather have cash or gift cards or their gifts shipped to them due to them having to travel back home across the country...tacky.

The Invitation Lady said...

I couldn't agree with you more. It is sometimes shocking how important it is for people to include their registry information! I can NOT believe wanting to put it directly on the invitation! For sure a one way ticket to "Tacksville".

Sarah said...

Oh YES! As a guest, I just *love* getting registry cards along with the wedding invitations, because, you know, I'm not smart enough to pick out something they'll like on my own. ;) Yikes.