Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Non-Designer's Guide to Designing the Perfect Event, Pt.2

In Part Two of the Non-Designer's Guide to Designing the Perfect Event, I want to focus on your individual taste. I touched on this in Part One with regards to choosing the best venue for your vision. But let's dig a little deeper, shall we?

Aside from some of the obvious questions you'll need to ask yourself (How big is your event? What kind of budget are you working with? How much time do you have to plan?) you should also consider the following:
Aside from bridal magazines, you can find a wealth of inspiration by delving into the pages of your favorite catalogs. Seek out patterns, color combinations, place settings and floral arrangements. Interior Design and Decor magazines are also very helpful.
To create the perfect color palate, consider taking a field trip to your local home improvement store. Paint swatches galore, my dears. Some of the home decorating shops have even gotten into the fray -- Pottery Barn now offers seasonal paint selections that complement their furnishings and decor items. Click here to view their current color selections or request a fan deck.
If you are planning a wedding and have already selected a dress, steal this trick: gaze at your dress for as long as you want and jot down as many adjectives that describe your fetching frock. Now take a look at what you've written. Voila! Inspiration in list form. Take this list with you to your vendor appointments and you'll effectively communicate your vision. Easy, right?
Some other things you might consider when designing the perfect event are the little things that make up your everyday style. What influences you? Do you travel? Dine at fancy restaurants? Love to explore the outdoors? All of these things can assist you in defining your ideal event style. Look inward at the things you love and you'll be more likely to create an event that truly represents your individuality and creativity. And have fun!

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