Monday, August 10, 2009

3 Free Color Apps for iPhone

I got my iPhone in April and in addition to helping me streamline my business, social networking and restaurant tipping needs, I have also discovered lots of fun apps with designers and design lovers in mind. Today I'm sharing three apps devoted to color, all free and all fabulous. Observe:
This app allows you to create custom palettes and order coordinating paper samples from Neenah Paper. Palettes can be created from your favorite photos, personality attributes (what color is sarcasm?), Neenah Paper colors or RBG color values.
If you love horoscopes, astrology or just pretty colors, this is the app for you. Look up you birth date and discover the color that reflects your personality and nature. In case you're wondering, my "color" is Oasis Green. Which naturally means that I'm detail oriented, profound and kind.
This app is pure marketing genius. Take a photo of something pretty and this app will offer you the closest Sherwin Williams paint color and a coordinating palette. I tested it with a photo I took of the Phoenix night sky, and I was able to specify specific colors from the sky that I liked best. Aside from providing obvious interior design inspiration, it's also a great tool for brides and planners who are looking to create a gorgeous color palette for their event.
There are loads of color apps out there, these three just happen to be free and easy to use. What are some of your favorite iPhone apps?