Friday, August 3, 2007


I recently participated in the 1st annual NACE Events Elements Competition for tabletop design with the girls from Bright Event Gallery. Our themes were "Fire" and "Earth" and we placed 3rd for our Earth table. Saa-weeeeet! For the Earth table, we used newspaper to create menu pockets, and river rocks for place cards. Victoria even fashioned some centerpieces out of newspaper. There were also bamboo chairs, burlap favor bags and recycled 3-D table numbers. For the Fire table, we went with a "where there's smoke, there's fire" theme. Lots of shades of gray -- and check out those chargers! Have you ever seen so much bling? The menus were done on translucent vellum, and we did tiny place cards that came with a magnifying glass. Because magnifying glass + sun = fire and smoke. Thanks to Kelly & Victoria over at Bright for sharing the photos and inviting me to take part in this!

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