Monday, November 19, 2007

Matt + Sherry

Matt and Sherry were married in May (yes, I'm a little behind in my posts) and were an absolute blast to work with! Such a kind and generous couple, and you could really tell they liked each other. 
This wedding was as much about two people joining together as it was about the merging of their two families. They used "Live well, laugh often, love much" as their slogan for the day and we carried it through all of the printed materials; from the tags on the hotel bags to a giant "red carpet" sign that was used as a photo backdrop at the reception.
They also requested that their guests dress in shades to match their wedding (not a stretch as it was black, white and pale blue) which made for some exceptionally coordinating photos.
Here are some highlights below, provided by photographer genius Mark Cafiero.

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Mark said...

Photographer GENIUS???

...well if you insist.


Thanks Kelly!