Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Creighton + Stacey

Creighton and Stacey's November wedding was coordinated by the fabulous Victoria Canada and took place at The Sanctuary (such a gorgeous location!) 

Stacey was an out-of-state bride, so amazingly enough we never actually met face-to-face. Email to the rescue! We quickly established that these two were looking for a combination of traditional and contemporary elements for their yellow-hued festivities, so letterpress printing seemed an obvious choice. I am always thrilled at the chance to make use of this printing style for clients -- it has a wonderful tactile and handmade quality that cannot be duplicated on digital presses. Very sophisticated. Very Martha.
Thanks to the super talented Stuart Thurlkill of Eyes 2 See Photography for sharing the images!


Melissa Jill :) said...

Gorgeous work Kelly! And thank you so much for listing me under your favorite blogs! I'm totally thrilled and flattered! :)

Eyes 2 See said...

I continue to be a big fan of your art. Every time I see your work I am inspired to be more creative! Thanks for making the day so beautiful.

kelly said...
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kelly said...

I'm feeling verklempt! Thanks for these wonderful comments, Stuart & Melissa :)