Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dress Codes Decoded

There was a fantastic article in the Wall Street Journal recently about how dress codes for fancy parties and the like have spiraled out of control. Here's the gist:
"In recent years, party hosts have made dress-code descriptions ever more creative, trying to set a lively tone to keep their bashes from sounding run-of-the-mill. It's no longer unusual to receive an invitation prescribing a dress code of 'wild chic,' 'beach formal,' 'resort dressy,' 'international,' 'festive,' 'creative black tie,' or 'safari chic.' Now, there's a backlash brewing, with many hosts returning to simple, clear instructions -- both for their guests' sanity and for their own."
If I had it my way, a tank top, jeans and running shoes would be socially acceptable at any event (sorry, Stacy and Clinton). Since it's not, I am overcome with a feeling of dread at the very thought of attending a party with a "wild chic" dress code. Chances are, your guests will be too if you decide to spring something like this on them. So keep it simple. As one woman in the article pointed out, "I would much rather throw a party and receive 25 calls after, saying, 'What a great party that was,' than [get] 25 calls beforehand asking, 'What does this mean?' "
Read the whole story here.
And if you send me an invite prescribing a "festive" dress code, be prepared for a bedazzled tank top.

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