Monday, November 3, 2008

Getting Political

The Bright Girls came up with a clever idea for the October Display table at their lovely event gallery. In lieu of anything involving ghosts and goblins, they went for another theme sure to horrify many -- the 2008 Election.

I will admit, this was one of the most challenging table displays I've worked on yet. Not because the style was unusual or the technical aspects were particularly difficult. The true challenge was to provide a design that highlighted each candidate equally without infusing a lot of personal bias. You can make fun of each candidate and their respective running mates in a variety of different ways, but in doing so you risk alienating the other 50%.
So I tried to focus on the black and white of the parties. I incorporated donkeys and elephants where I could. I created "red state" and "blue state" place cards. And the menus mimicked a ballot, but instead of choosing a candidate based on his credentials, you got to choose based on his favorite meal. (Thanks to the Wall Street Journal for caring enough to dig up the candidates favorite restaurants!)
{ Neckties adorned the chivari chairs -- an idea inspired by Cicely! }
{ The country is divided. The tables are divided. }
{ With apologies to Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney. Donkeys and Elephants only. }
{ Place setting detail -- Barack Obama's seat complete with an "I heart Blue States" place card. }
{ McCain cookies from Tammie Coe. She has Obama, too. }
Special thanks to Keith Pitts for the images!

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brightgirls said...

You're so clever Kelly- I love how you describe your take on the table. Awesome job, as usual!