Monday, November 10, 2008

Shameless plug for the holidays

The day after Halloween, one of the local radio stations began broadcasting Christmas music. So I suppose the holiday season is upon us! (Either that, or the holiday season has been prematurely forced upon us to boost ratings.)

I've lived in the Valley for almost 8 years, and I'm still not used to the blue skies and mild temperatures that accompany the holidays. In Detroit, the holiday season was all about dirty slushy streets, scraping the ice off my car everyday before work and shopping malls heated to a balmy 95°. It was glorious. And in all honesty, I miss it.
Whether you have embraced the arrival of the holiday season or you're scowling at all the tinsel, it's a great time to start thinking about sending out holiday cards! (Brace yourself for a shameless plug in 3...2...1...) Kelly Ashworth Design Holiday Greetings and now available in my Etsy shop! I have 13 designs available, and I also accept custom orders.
{ photos courtesy of EME Photography }
So visit Etsy! Place your orders! And to all a good night!

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Anonymous said...

What an adorable card! Beautiful and personalized without being corny! Perfect.