Monday, June 8, 2009

Great gifts for Honeymooners

Having just returned from vacation myself, I have decided to devote this week to all things travel related. Today let's focus on the bride and groom, shall we? 

The honeymoon is often overlooked with all of the hullabaloo that goes into the wedding itself, but a carefully planned gift for the honeymooners will definitely win you brownie points. You can stick with a few basic items if you're footing the bill, or go all out if you have a group contributing. Here's what I'd do:
Start here: a stylish, sturdy beach tote. This one if from LL Bean and also comes in a crab motif. Starts at $30 right here. (*Note - I believe LL Bean has discontinued the Lobster and Crab totes -- you can find a great selection of other totes right here.)
Then move on to beach towels. These coordinate perfectly with the tote! Even if the bride and groom are not traveling to a beach locale, beach towels can be used to plump up wimpy hotel pillows when folded. And who doesn't need beach towels, I ask? These are on special at Pottery Barn for $29 each right here.
Adapters are easily the most important accessory for overseas travel, and often the most forgotten. You can buy them in your vacation destination, however they are often overpriced because the locals know how desperate you'll be to use your hair dryer or plug in your laptop. I found these at Amazon for $12.88 right here
Luggage tags need not be boring. Supply the bride and groom with these cheeky tags from Pamela Barsky, $14 right here
In addition to the staples above, you can finish the bag with a selection of magazines and DVD's. iTunes gift cards are also great so the couple can download their favorite music or movies before they leave. If the bride and groom are traveling internationally, an international calling card is also a super thoughtful gift. You can find these at Costco for around $30.
Resist the temptation to include sunscreen or any other liquids. But aspirin or antacid medicine are both inspired choices. To complete the gift, you might offer to drop off and pick up the couple from the airport. (Parking costs have skyrocketed at most airports.)
I collaborated with a few other couples a few years back to supply a similar honeymoon gift for my sister-in-law and her new husband, and they absolutely loved it. 
What items are you lost without on vacation? Consider these things when putting together your own "honeymooner kit." 

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