Monday, February 11, 2008

80's Glam

I have to admit, I am not a big fan of the 80's. I was never crazy about the music or the lace gloves (although jelly shoes and bracelets do give me a warm fuzzy). So when the Bright girls asked me to do paper products for an 80's table, I was a bit skeptical. But Bright's newest addition, Katie (who is adorable) had a wonderful 80's vision that included polka dots, gerber daisies and pops of pink.
The Flower Studio provided the giant gerber daisies, and the Bright girls wrapped the vase in patent leather belts. I made paper products out of glossy black paper, that actually looks like patent leather, so it looked very put together. Victoria requested place cards that could somehow incorporate a flower, so I made tented "vases" (just a hole punched at the top to accommodate a single stem). Table numbers were tin cans wrapped in patent paper that can also be used as a mini vase for extra floral or a candle.
I also love that the girls set out Tab cola to coordinate with the table. Very Marty McFly...maybe I like the 80's more than I think.
Mark Cafiero shot these great photos.

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