Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas (the abridged version)

This year my family decided to forgo exchanging gifts for the holidays since everyone traveled home for Thanksgiving. And while it's nice on the pocketbook, I'll admit I miss the shopping. I love to seek out the perfect gift and watch with satisfaction as the recipient falls to the floor and faints with gratitude. OK, maybe it doesn't happen quite like that. But I miss it all the same.
In case you're still on the hunt for some fabulous gift ideas, I thought I'd share my personal wish list. In no specific order or category. Just stuff I want that might be fitting for the people on your shopping lists.  
a) Finial ornaments (OMG, check out the prices) $.95 – $2.95 right here.
I would use these suckers all year long. For what, I'm not sure of yet. 
b) Utopia Teapot, $95.00 right here.
For Jonathan Adler fans or teapot collectors.
c) iPod Nano, starting at $149.00 right here.
Hi, Steve Jobs? Everything you make, I want. So cut it out. I could have just made an "Apple Gift Guide", but you're not paying me. So there.
d) Magno Radio, $178.00 right here
Small and stylish with an iPod adapter. Boys will like this, too.
e) Tenjin Shrine Puzzle, $148.00 at Anthropologie stores
The individual pieces are insane and I heart Japanese Woodblock prints. Good alternative to a Sudoku book.
f) The Office Trivia Board Game, $24.99 right here
What, you thought my personal wish list wouldn't include something from The Office?
g) Mad Men, Season One, $27.49 right here
Everyone keeps telling me I have to watch this. I get the feeling this would be a good gift for just about anyone. With the exception of a three year old.
h) Sprig Market Tote, $39.00 right here
So flipping cute. I want one of each in her shop.
i) Domino: The Book of Decorating, $21.12 right here.
I can't wait to get my hands on this decorating bible. Perfect as a housewarming gift or those looking for some design inspiration.
j) Vintage Iron Jewelry Holder, $49.00 right here
I have wanted this forever and just haven't gotten around to ordering it. Great for girls, big and small. 
k) Large NYC Print, $60.00 right here.
I would literally take anything from Matte Stephens' Etsy shop. 
Happy Hunting!

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