Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Recessionista Christmas, Pt. 2

Every year Pottery Barn comes out with the most gorgeous tree skirts. And every year I ask, "if I'm not willing to pay $100 on a skirt for myself, what makes them think I'm willing to spend that kind of money on a skirt for my tree?" 
I figured there must be something in my closet to do the trick, and I was right. I have a wide variety of wraps and shawls that just collect dust for 95% of the year. They are PERFECT. One will work for a smaller tree, you might need a few for something larger. I felt like Linus wrapping his blanket around Charlie Brown's sad little tree. And I got a warm fuzzy.
{ $12.99 right here. }

1 comment:

brightgirls said...

Uh... sadly- I got a great deal on a PB tree skirt. I have an extra one now- want it? : )