Monday, May 18, 2009

Dressy dip-dye

J. Crew does it again! Take a look at this hot little number. Did I mention it has pockets? 
{ Embossed-cotton dip-dye Lorelei dress, $110 right here. }
Brides - I consider this to be one of the most perfect rehearsal dinner dresses ever assembled. Not only is it gorgeous, it's also symbolic. I look at this and see the metamorphosis of a bride -- the white slowly overtaking the saturated color. Get it? She's colorful tonight, but the white is a reminder of what's to come. I may be over thinking this slightly. But I still think it's a fantastic style statement. So go get one and look fabulous and thank me later.

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erin said...

Great high school AP English teacher couldn't have said it better herself ;)