Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun with Stamps

It seems every year the United States Postal Service decides that they cannot possibly deliver anymore mail until they receive an additional two cents from the general public. This year is no exception, and the new rate of 44 cents is officially in effect. I am already mourning the loss of my beloved Charles and Ray Eames stamps that made my water bill infinitely more festive.

While you can always go out and buy Forever Stamps, I personally find them a tad snooze-worthy. Fortunately, just in time for the price increase, the USPS has released a few new designs. My feelings are mixed, take a look. What do you think?
Not gonna lie - I was pretty stoked when I saw the new Simpsons stamps. Pop art at it's finest. Perhaps not apropos for fancy wedding invitations, but fun nonetheless.
I'm also quite fond of this new design in the Love line. King and Queen of Hearts stamps are so cool and unexpected. Really pretty.
And this is where the post office lost me. My parents always said that if I didn't have anything nice to say, that I should keep my mouth shut. But I assure you, in this case, my silence is deafening. 
Quick etiquette reminder for brides: you must MUST include postage on your RSVP cards. Whether they are tucked in a pretty envelope or you opt for groovy postcards, it's imperative that you stamp each and every one. Most often you can get away with a standard .44 cent stamp, but if there is any question at all - have your friendly postal employee weigh it for you. Same goes for your invitations. NEVER assume you have enough postage. The line at the post office is worth the wait.


erin said...

Yuck! If you won't say it, I will: that last one is AWFUL!

brightgirls said...

I love the King and Queen stamp too! And I am remaining silentwith you about the ring stamp. They didn't ask for your input when choosing the design, did they?

kelly said...

Yeah, they nixed my idea for two doves kissing in front of a sea of heart shaped balloons. Their loss.