Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Linens

Fall is in the air! At last!
In Arizona, this means open windows, eating outdoors and the end of living in a giant hair dryer. It's my favorite time of year.
But then again, it always has been my favorite time of year. As a kid, fall was ironing colorful leaves between sheets of wax paper, field trips to the cider mill, picking out pumpkins at the corner market. Fall is my wedding day.
My mailbox has been full of fun catalogs lately, many featuring some fabulous fall items that tempt me to empty my wallet. But do I really need a giant soup tureen in the shape of a pumpkin? Probably not. These cuties sure caught my eye, though. Take a look:
Pretty, modern and supremely autumnal. And much more affordable than the pumpkin tureen.
Foglia Print Dishtowel, $3.95 each right here.
What are some of your favorite fall finds? And does anyone know where I can find a cider mill in Arizona?

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