Thursday, September 17, 2009

Should I Plaster My Walls With Birch Trees?

I happened upon this on the Urban Outfitters site the other day. At first I had a somewhat visceral reaction -- to be specific, "ick". It reminded me of a 70's era motel I stayed at in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Wood paneling, dark, smelled of stale ashtrays and Glade Plug-in's. An entire wall had been covered in a photo realist "Michigan Woods" motif that included a large buck with enormous antlers glaring at me. It was a great trip, though. I swear.
But the more I looked at this, I decided in the right setting it could be pretty cool. Perhaps in a library or study. Or maybe if you're having a kitschy event, you make this a portrait backdrop for your guests.
Then I remembered how much I loved shooting birch trees in my high school photography class. They were such an easy subject -- they stood still, provided an amazing amount of contrast and made for some easy abstract art.
After about five minutes of this, I had gone from "ick" to "yes, I think I need this immediately." Which I realize may expose my own neuroses, but the point of all this is to really consider the things you surround yourself with. Whether you're decorating your home or styling an event, it's important to pay attention to things that you have a reaction to - whether good or bad. You may find that what first seems "icky" will transform your space into something more fabulous than you ever imagined!
Do you have similar "ick" stories? Have you ever plastered your walls with arboreal splendor? Am I crazy?
Birch Tree Wall Mural, $140 right here.

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Nikki said...

Ikea has some curtains that my friend used as a wall panel instead.

we once stayed at a one room cabin on the beach that had those black velvety paint by number sorts, do you know what I'm talking about? The ones with unicorns. So dated that my husband took them off the wall.