Thursday, January 29, 2009

Practical advice for the uninspired bride

I have absolutely nothing against bridal magazines. Not at all, I subscribe to a majority of them. However, I can't tell you how much inspiration can be found in the many wonderful magazines that do not fall in the bridal category. 
Here's the proof:
The latest issue of Domino magazine. The sticky tabs they include are GENIUS and unlike a bridal magazine, you won't be inundated with a billion ads for wedding dresses and Sandals Jamaica honeymoons. I am a devoted subscriber of this magazine, as well as many of the other wonderful shelter magazines out there.  If you are a bride, consider checking out some of the brilliant home and garden magazines for design and style inspiration. 
UPDATE: I scheduled this post in advance before the news came out that Domino is closing it's doors. Really sad news, I loved this magazine and eagerly awaited each new issue. 


a Dish of Fun with a Side of Sass said...

It really is a travesty. So long Domino.

kelly said...

Honestly, my heart sank when I heard the news. :(