Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Don't Want Kids at My Wedding

Given the current state of things, brides are being forced to cut back on just about everything when planning their wedding. Even when the economic outlook is bright and sunny, the subject of kids at the blessed event can prove to be a major buzz kill. 

In this "be nice" post, I'll tackle the issue from both the brides' and guests' perspective. Here goes.
If you're the bride:
• resist the temptation to include "adults only" or "no children" on your save the date cards or invitations. It's not nice. Simply include only the parents' names on the envelope. This is also good information to share with your bridesmaids, mother and future in-laws. They can help you spread the word that you must be this big to ride this ride.
• if you decide on a "no kids allowed" policy, stick to it. It may be awkward to field the "why can't I bring my child?" questions, but it will be much worse to cave in. If you bend the rule for one guest, there will surely be hell to pay when your other guests find out on wedding day.
• consider offering a babysitting service for any out-of-town guests who have no choice but to bring their kids. If this won't fit within the confines of your budget, you'll need to accept the fact that some of your guests won't attend. 
If you're a guest:
• pay attention to your wedding invitation. If the envelope is addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith" and not "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Mady, Cara, Aaden, Alexis, Joel, Collin, Leah and Hannah", you'll need to leave the little ones at home. 
• don't give the bride and groom grief about not including children in the celebration. Put yourself in their position and understand that weddings are extremely expensive and that it was most likely a budgetary decision.
• enjoy your night off. And bring some cake home for the kids. Sugar is your ally.