Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Sweden Adventure: Part 2 - Svensk Tenn

My apologies for the so-so photos taken with my phone, but check out these marvelous vignettes. I shot these at Svensk Tenn, the coolest, most difficult to pronounce design shop in Stockholm.
If you're a fan of Josef Frank, this is a must see. You'll find his designs on fabrics, lampshades, dinnerware and wallpaper. All equally fantastic. But a fair warning: bring your kroners. All of them. Nothing in Stockholm is cheap and this place was certainly no exception.
Because I hadn't checked any luggage, I was only able to bring a few small pieces home with me, and they will serve as gifts. Which is all the better, because holy cow is that exchange rate brutal!
Check out the website for all of the loveliness. And enjoy my attempt at pretending I wasn't actually an obnoxious tourist taking photos of everything in sight below:
Love this pillow arrangement!
My favorite. Love the sofa. Love the chandelier. And those green drapes? Yum.
Thank you, Svensk Tenn for convincing my husband that wallpaper might actually be awesome in our bedroom. But just on one wall. That's the deal.

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