Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tree Trimming in October

OK, I'll admit I get just as annoyed as the next person when I see holiday displays before it's even officially fall. This is especially true in the desert where the thermometer is still registering triple digits and the rest of the country is already enjoying the comforting embrace of their Snuggie.
But when my new Ballard Designs catalog arrived and it contained these beauties, it was hard to contain my joy. I'm already having visions of a Black & White Christmas. Take a look:
Alphabet Ornaments - Set of 26, $69 right here.
Oh, and did you know that you can trim your tree with capiz button garland? No? Neither did I. But now that you know, don't you kind of want to? Like a lot?
Capiz Button Garland - Set of 3, $29 right here.
What fun ideas are you hoping to incorporate into your holiday decor?

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