Monday, October 19, 2009

Your Favorite Chair in Lucite

I found this in the new issue of House Beautiful and had to share. (Are you reading HB? It's divine.)
Take a look at this fresh new version of the classic chivari chair:
It's Lucite, people. I love the idea of incorporating this into a traditional wedding with modern elements. So often I run into couples with varying styles. The Bride will pick feminine floral prints and the Groom will love modern, geometric patterns. What a great way to marry (literally and figuratively) these two styles!
These chairs can be found at Ruby Beets, 2 for $450.
While I was checking out their site, I happened upon this little cutie (also made of Lucite). I will need this for my office immediately:
What fun ways will you incorporate varying styles into your wedding or event? Please share, inquiring minds want to know!

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Andria Lewis said...

Here's the funny thing. I was planning a wedding in my sleep last night (cause that's how I roll) and, in the dream, thought, "When are they going to come out with the lucite Chivari? I need it for one of my July weddings." Weird, huh?